Z-Care Holding Tank Treatment

Z-Care Holding Tank Treatment

Uses Natural Enzymes

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Z Care Holding Tank Treatment provides a cost effective solution to odor, waste degradation and corrosion control. It is a highly concentrated bioremedial organic formula with microbes able to absorb 1000 times their own mass in gasses and pollutants to control holding tank odor.

This product is effective in controlling odor because these compounds don’t mask odor - they consume it. This product is formaldehyde free and does not contain hazardous or toxic ingredients. Z Care Holding Tank Treatment contains natural waste digesting bacterial cultures, proprietary organic compounds, environmentally friendly surfactants and fragrance.

Directions for first use:
• It is important to completely empty the holding tank and flush the system with clean water (fresh or sea) to remove any chemicals that may be present from previous products. This will rinse out and neutralize the holding tank environment and prepare your tank for the microbes to work.
• Shake the bottle well before using.
• Add 2 oz of Head Treatment plus 1 gallon of water per 20 Gallon Tank into the head. Z Care Holding Tank Treatment is very effective when used in a holding tank free of all other chemical products.
• The tank needs to be properly vented to activate the microbes.
• Use only natural cleaning products, such as Z Care Bilge Cleaner mixed with water, to clean the head. Antibacterial products will kill the Holding Tank Treatment microbes.

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