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Satellite Emergency Notification Device • Lets You Type, Send, and Receive, Track, and Has SOS Function

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inReach SEND Iridium satellite communicators allow you to stay connected anywhere in the world. From outdoor enthusiasts and boaters to hunters and recreational pilots, inReach allows you to send and receive messages, trigger an interactive SOS request, or track and share your trip anywhere in the world. Give your friends and family peace of mind knowing they can contact you no matter where your adventure takes you.

SENDs (Satellite Emergency Notification Devices) are two-way satellite communication devices which allow you to send and receive text messages with individuals via email or text messaging. They can be used to keep friends and family informed of your status.
In addition, the SEND has an SOS function which communicates with GEOS, a 24/7/365 monitoring and dispatch service. GEOS maintains a worldwide database of search and rescue agencies, as well as local authorities, whom they can contact to initiate search and rescue operations, or to simply put you in touch with local authorities.
The GEOS operators also have the capability to communicate directly with you, via text, to get detailed information about the nature of your emergency so as to dispatch the most appropriate help, or provide advice about your situation.

About the inReach Explorer —
The inReach Explorer is a versatile safety and communications and navigation device.
With more features than the similar inReach SE, the Explorer offers world-wide emergency search and rescue assistance, as well as two-way text messaging, GPS tracking, location sharing, access to topographic maps, waypoints, track logging, real-time navigation data, and more for planning, tracking and sharing your journey.
You can do all of this from one rugged handheld device with 100% global coverage from Iridium. You can also pair it with your mobile device for free access to topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts.
Requires activation and satellite subscription. See below for details.^

Why own an inReach?
Many people misjudge the availability of cell coverage in remote areas. The reality is that 90% of the earth’s surface still lacks consistent, reliable coverage since most cell towers are located where people live, not necessarily where they enjoy outdoor escapes.
Smartphones frequently do not work when traveling in remote areas or in extreme weather conditions, and international roaming charges are expensive. inReach helps you stay in touch no matter where your adventure takes you.

Explorer features —
• Create or view a route, drop waypoints, see your detailed GPS tracks, and navigate with the on-screen map view.
• View route details such as distance and bearing to destination. Equipped with a digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer. Includes an odometer and displays useful trip statistics while in the field, such as trip time, max speed, moving average, trip distance.
• Plan your route online ahead of time, including waypoints, and share it with family and friends to follow along and watch your progress.
• Send and receive 160-character text messages with GPS coordinates to cell numbers or email addresses worldwide and post updates to social media. Color screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text for standalone two-way messaging.
• Adjustable tracking intervals from 10 minutes to 4 hours allow you to track your trip and share your location, including GPS coordinates, course elevation and speed.
• Maintains a satellite signal lock even in difficult GPS environments and embeds precise location coordinates in sent messages.
• Trigger an SOS, receive an audio and visual delivery confirmation, and communicate back and forth with GEOS 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center
• Pairs via Bluetooth with Apple iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire with bluetooth (smartphones and tablets)

Please refer to the accompanying chart for a detailed comparison between the inReach Explorer and inReach SE models.

^ Activation, contract, and monthly use fees are charged for all these satellite services. A total of 8 plans are available with monthly charges ranging from $11.95 to $99.95 depending on features and use patterns.
For a modest step-up monthly fee, users have the option to suspend their monthly service when they will not be using the SEND. See the link, below, for more details.

Click here for additional information and technical data about this product, including detailed services pricing.
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