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Impellers are an important part of your engine pumps cooling system and unfortunately they do have a limited life span, becoming hard and potentially cracking or crumbling over time. When impellers get hard, they can take on a “set” (permanent bend), eventually losing their ability to pull water into the pump. Once this happens, the pump will begin to overheat and potentially fail. We all know what happens when engines overheat and it’s not a wonderful relaxing day on the water!

If you are trying to change the impeller yourself, you may find an impeller puller highly useful. Once removed, make sure to inspect the impeller for cracks or missing blades. If there is a blade missing, you will need to disassemble the cooling system to find them so they don’t create a bigger issue downstream.

Most manufacturers suggest changing the impeller every three years or 300 hours, so make sure you incorporate it into your boats maintenance program. Fisheries Supply stocks impellers from all the best brands, including Jabsco, Johnson Pumps, Sherwood, and Sierra, so we are the place to go before you start this project. Can’t find what you need? Give us a call at (800) 426-3960.

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