RK30880E Water-In-Fuel Detection Probe Kit

RK30880E Water-In-Fuel Detection Probe Kit

12 or 24 Volts • With Enhanced Detection Electronics • For Diesel Applications Only
By: Racor

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This kit includes enhanced detection electronics built into the probe body and works with 12 or 24 volt DC systems. It can be used with a number of Racor filters having water collection bowls with 1/2-20 UNF threads — see below for details.

Once the level of collected water rises to make contact between the two probe tips, a yellow warning light will illuminate, indicating time to drain water and contaminants from the collection bowl.
Follow draining instructions provided with each fuel filter/water separator to drain the collection bowl. After water has been drained, the warning light will reset and no longer be illuminated

• RK30880E is for diesel applications only; do not use in gasoline applications
• Includes a warning light with mounting panel
• WIF probe housing permanently marked for identification
• Built-in detection amplifier
• Circuit board power controller (10 volt continuous)
• Reverse polarity protection
• False detection prevention (water slosh delay)
• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
• Maximum warning light/buzzer load is 1 Amp; for higher loads, use kit to activate a customer supplied relay

Click here for additional information and installation instructions for this product.

Kit includes — Water Probe with male connector, 3-wire harness assembly with female connector, 14 AWG black wire for power supply, Warning Light with small under dash mounting panel.

This probe kit can be used with the following Racor fuel filters —
• 200 Series
• 300 Series
• early 400 Series
• 500 Series
• 900 Series
• 1000 Series &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
• B120
• S3201, S3205, S3206, S3229, S3228
• B32002 (S3202)
• B32003 (S3203)
• B32004 (S3204)
• B32007p (S3207p)
• B32008p (S3208p)
• B32009 (S3209)
• B320012 (S3212)
• B32016 (S3216)
• Optional ( FBO10, FBO14)

Racor offers a wide selection of water-in-fuel (WIF) detection systems, each designed for specific filter assemblies and installation requirements.
Water probes simply provide metal pin tip entry into a water collection bowl. Some contain no active electronics and require an external electronic detection module to detect water.

Electronic Detection Modules Detection modules have internal electronics that pass a small current across special metal pins. When water bridges the pin tips, a solid state switch is activated allowing a larger current to flow to drive a light or provide a signal to an engine computer. Electronic detection modules will automatically reset once water is drained away from the probe tips. Detailed instructions are supplied with every WIF sensor and electronic detection module.

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