AmSteel Blue - Multiple Colors

Dyneema SK-75 Fiber, Samthane Coated 12-Strand Single Braid
By:  Samson

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Stronger than Amsteel, Amsteel Blue is a high-performance 12-strand single braid of 100% Dyneema® SK-75 fiber. It is now available in a variety of colors.
AmSteel-Blue yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio, very low stretch, and is stronger than the same sized wire rope constructions — yet it floats.
It’s the highest strength single braid Samson makes.
The Samthane coating enhances an already high abrasion and cut resistance.
Adding a cover is recommended for areas handled by winch or rope clutches.
Good for high load, static applications like halyards, wire replacement, and lightweight spinnaker sheets.
• A line made for the high-performance sailor
• Stronger than Amsteel; stronger than steel
• Very low stretch; torque-free
• Low creep — resists stretching under static load
• Elongation when loaded at 30% of breaking strength is only 0.96%
• Made with Dyneema® SK-75 HMPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber
• 12-Strand hollow braid construction
• Splicing technique: full-bury 12-strand splice
• Strengths in specification table are for spliced lines
• Available in a wide range of diameters
• Sold by the foot
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Sku#Item IDSamson#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceQTY
200374SAM 872007806030 872007806030Loading...7/64" (2.5 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (1600 lb)Loading...
216026SAM 872008606030 872008606030Loading...1⁄8" (3.0 mm) Amsteel Blue, Orange (2500 lb)Loading...
214664SAM 872008406030 872008406030Loading...1⁄8" (3.0 mm) Amsteel Blue, Red (2500 lb)Loading...
382781SAM 872016706030 872016706030Loading...1⁄4" (6.5 mm) Amsteel Blue, Gray (8600 lb)Loading...
194720SAM 8700164 8700164Loading...1/4" (6.5 mm) Amsteel Blue, Red (8600 lb)Loading...
168695SAM 872036806030 872036806030Loading...9/16" (14.5 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (40,500 lb)Loading...
147955SAM 872040806030 872040806030Loading...5/8" (16.0 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (52,800 lb)Loading...
194892SAM 872048806020 872048806020Loading...3/4" (18.0 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (64,400 lb)Loading...
168792SAM 872056806030 872056806030Loading...7/8" (22.0 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (90,800 lb)Loading...
167286SAM 872064806020 872064806020Loading...1" (25.5 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (109,000 lb)Loading...
174707SAM 872080806020 872080806020Loading...1-1/4" (32.0 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (165,000 lb)Loading...
174710SAM 872096806020 872096806020Loading...1-1/2" (38 mm) Amsteel Blue, Blue (228,000 lb)Loading...
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