Stormglass Weather Forecasters

Stormglass Weather Forecasters

Crystals Change Appearance with Weather Changes

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Admiral Fitzroy developed the Stormglass for his historic voyage with Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle. After 250 years, the actual mechanism by which the Stormglass works is still a mystery. Various theories from temperature and pressure changes to the occurrence of solar storms have been proposed. The appearance of the crystals inside the glass indicates coming changes in the weather. Generally, the more crystals, the worse the weather.
• Sealed glass chamber holds the crystals and is encapsulated in a beautifully crafted brass cylinder
• Beautiful and unique gift for the home, boat or office
• Packaged as the stormglass only, or in a velvet-lined black gift box that includes a base for standing on a desk, and a hook for hanging
• Dimensions: 1-5/8" Dia. x 5-3/4" Tall

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