Hand-Masker™ Advanced Masking Film

AMF Advanced Masking Film for Hand-Masker - Pre-Folded

Blue Print Logo • 48", 72" & 99" Wide Pre-Folded Rolls • Prevents Blow-Off On Multiple Coats
By: 3M

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Why do professional painters use and love this improved blue logo AMF Advanced Masking Film over the old red logo MF Masking Film?
AMF's advanced formulation provides even better paint adhesion for superior flaking resistance compared to all other masking films. So you can apply more coats without having dried overspray detach from the film and contaminate your paint job.
AMF also has a much higher translucency — so it lets in more natural light.

Furthermore, AMF maintains all the features of the old MF Masking Film that you depend on —
• Superior paint masking and overspray protection
• Best paint adhesion formula in the industry
• Eliminates having to re-mask between coats
• Unfolds to cover a large area
• Thin and lightweight, yet very strong
• Static cling feature that keeps film in place when using spray equipment or in windy conditions
• Prevents liquids from bleeding through
• Easy to unfold and apply quickly without having to worry about the film sticking to the tape edge
• Ideal for use with 3M M3000 Hand-Masker
• Available in four widths - 24", 48", 72", 99"

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