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Marine Hoses & Fittings at Fisheries Supply

Fisheries Supply provides marine hoses and related products for both recreational and commercial vessels. Their main purpose is to equip boats with the necessary plumbing systems, including marine fuel lines, marine exhaust hoses, marine water hoses, bilge pump hoses, and hose clamps.

Our marine hoses come in various materials, such as PVC, thermoplastic rubber, and wire-reinforced rubber compounds, catering to different applications and pressure requirements. We offer high-flow, kink-resistant marine hoses that are built to endure real-world maritime service across decades. Fisheries Supply's representatives recommend heavy-duty marine hoses that are purpose-built for specific applications, ensuring secure, non-leaking connections despite vibration and years of exposure to saltwater.

Our marine fuel lines are designed to be weather and ozone resistant, heat and oil resistant, non-flammable, and resistant to tough sea conditions and abrasion. We also provide PVC nitrile sanitation hoses and marine waste PVC hoses. Fisheries Supply's marine hoses are easy to install and absorb vibration more than pipe or tubing, making them a flexible and reliable choice for boat owners.

Our inventory includes:
  • Marine Exhaust Hoses: Withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive gases with our wire-reinforced exhaust hoses, designed for long-lasting performance.
  • Boat Fuel Lines: Upgrade your boat's fuel system with our premium boat fuel hoses, offering superior kink resistance and durability.
  • Marine Water Hoses: Water hoses supply fresh drinking water to your boat for cleaning, filling tanks, or other uses.
  • Boat Sanitation Hoses: Durable and odor-resistant sanitation hoses designed specifically for conveying waste and sanitation fluids on boats.
  • Hose Reels: Simplify your washdown process with our retractable hose reels, making storage and deployment a breeze.
In addition to marine hoses, Fisheries Supply also offers stainless steel fittings and clamps, providing secure, non-leaking connections for marine hoses. These products are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and are corrosion resistant.

When choosing marine hoses and fittings, you can consider things like:
Size: The inner diameter (ID) of the hose is crucial, as fittings are measured for the ID.
Material: The material of the hose and fittings is important to consider when planning a plumbing upgrade.

Shop now for marine hose and save or browse our wide selection of marine plumbing fittings and connectors to complete your installation.