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Marine Paints and Wood Sealers from Fisheries Supply

Fisheries Supply stands as a leading provider of high-quality marine paints and wood sealers and varnishes, designed to protect and enhance the appearance of your boat. Our extensive selection caters to all types of boats.

Importance of Marine Paints

Marine paints are specifically formulated to offer superior protection for boats against elements like saltwater, UV rays, and persistent humidity. Here’s a breakdown of the types of marine paints and their applications:
  • Antifouling (Bottom) Paint: Boat bottom paint is essential for preventing the growth of barnacles and algae on the hull.
  • Topside Paint: Provides a durable and glossy finish above the waterline, enhancing the boat's aesthetic appeal.
  • Marine Paint for Metal: Specially designed to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces.
  • Non-Skid Paint: Ideal for boat decks and docks, this paint enhances safety by reducing slipping risks.

Selecting the Right Wood Sealer

Choosing the correct marine wood sealer is crucial for extending the life of your boat’s wooden surfaces.
  • Marine Wood Sealer: Shields wood from moisture and UV damage, maintaining its integrity and appearance.
  • Marine Varnish: Offers a glossy finish to wood while providing an additional layer of protection against environmental factors.

Why Choose Fisheries Supply?

Painting or varnishing a boat requires time and effort. If oyu are going to do the job yourself, please do some research on available products and techniques. Our selection of marine boat paints and wood sealers is selected to meet your needs, so you finds exactly what you need for your boat.

Here are a few reasons to shop with us:
  • Expert Advice: Our representatives are well-versed in all products and can guide you to the best solutions for your situation.
  • Wide Selection: From boat deck paint to marine varnish, we offer a comprehensive range of products to cover every part of your boat.
  • Quality Brands: We stock only the top brands in the industry, ensuring that you receive products that are reliable and long-lasting.
When choosing boat paint, you can consider things like:
Water conditions: The type of water the boat will be used in, such as saltwater, freshwater, or brackish water, can affect the performance and durability of the paint.
Hull material: The boat's hull material is another important factor to consider.
Application method: The application method, such as paint brush, roller, or spray, is also important when choosing a marine paint.