8" Hookit Facing Material

8" Hookit Facing Material

Type 2 Tall J-Hook | Hook Side for Longboards
By: 3M

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This is the "Hook" side of the Hookit™ fastener system.
This product is commonly used by yacht builders to face one, two, and three-man custom made longboards which are used for fairing and sanding hull surfaces.

These Type 1 & 2 J-Hooks are the facing found on most Hookit Sanding Disc Backup Pads.

We offer this product with a medium aggressive Type 2 - Tall J Hook Hookit facing, and a PSA adhesive backing

We also offer this product with a less aggressive Type 1 - Small J Hook Hookit facing, and a plain (non-adhesive) backing.
Use 3M General Trim Adhesive for bonding this non-adhesive-backed product; see Related Products, below.

Heavy on the technical side...

Note that 3M™ uses two types of hook and loop fastener systems:"Hookit™" and the coarser "Hook & Loop".

Smaller, less aggressive Type 1 and 2 J-Hooks and Type 3 Mushroom-Hooks are used on (Hookit) Disc Pads that hold the smaller "fuzzy" loops found on the backs of "Hookit" sandpapers.

Hook & Loop
Additionally, 3M™ has 4 even larger and more aggressive Types 4, 5 & 6 "Mushroom" and Type 7 "T-Hook" hooks, which are used on (Hook & Loop) Disc Pad Holders which hold the much coarser and larger loops of "Hook and Loop" products like Scotch Brite™ surface conditioning pads.

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