Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound
Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound - for Painted Surfaces

Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound

Extra Cut | A Bit More Aggressive....
By: 3M

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When repairing defects in new paint jobs, this "extra cut" aggressive rubbing compound allows you to remove 1200 grit and finer sanding scratches and other surface defects with a liquid compound rather than the usual 3M Trizact 3000 Foam Blending Disc.
Think of it as a liquid version of the Trizact 3000 disc.

Perfect-It EX is designed for those who prefer to buff rather than sand when repairing defects in new paint jobs.
Follow Perfect-It EX with either Perfect-It #1 Rubbing Compound or, with lighter colors, you may be able to skip the compound and go directly to the Perfect-It #2 Machine Polish.

• Extra cutting power compared to standard rubbing compounds like 3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound
• Leaves a satin appearance, unlike the gloss finish left by Perfect-It Rubbing Compound
• Easy to use and clean up

Heavy on the technical side...

When blending paint repairs, or during refurbishing, after you've finished leveling with a 1200 grit disc on a have two choices:
1)...You can continue disc sanding with 3000 or 5000 grit foam blending discs to further refine and soften the scratch, and then follow with Perfect-It Rubbing Compound and Machine Polish. On lighter colors you're probably done at this point, but on darker colors (where buffing swirl marks are easier to see) you may need to follow the Perfect-It Machine Polish with Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish.


2) can skip additional sanding steps and use this liquid Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound with a buffer, followed by 3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound, etc.
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