Ribbed Grinding Disc Pad Backing/Face Plate

Ribbed Grinding Disc Pad Backing/Face Plate

For 5/8-11 Long or | Short Shaft Grinders | Cooler running, longer lasting
By: 3M

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For use with any 5" or 7" grinding disc.
Use these Ribbed Backing Plates, between the grinding disc and the hub, to customize backing plate flexibility for the task at hand.
Compared to a Smooth backing plate, these Ribbed backing plates will result in a cooler running, longer lasting grinding disc.

Use with grinding discs with either a traditional 7/8" hole, or with any Scotch-Brite or fibre disc equipped with 3M's TN Quick Connect attachment system.

TN discs come with their own integral 5/8-11 retainer nut.
If you are using standard 7/8" hole discs, you will need a separate Retainer Nut. See Related Items, below.

• Backing plates are color coded by flexibility
• Soft plates (white) - flexible for finishing and contour grinding
• Medium plates (gray) - general purpose grinding and finishing; aluminum and softer surfaces
• Hard plates (black) - heavy metal removal, such as large welds; steel and stainless steel
• Extra hard plates (red) - heavy grinding; cold rolled steel
• Note - lower surface is ribbed, upper surface is smooth

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