3M™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Polishing Discs
3M™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Polishing Discs

Trizact Hookit Solid Surface Polishing Discs

For Acrylic, Glass & Solid Surface Countertops • Not for Use on Paint
By: 3M

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Specifically for polishing acrylic plastics and solid surface countertops.
Not intended for use on paint.

These discs are ideal for re-surfacing solid surface countertops - such as Corian®, as well as restoring crazed or chemically damaged acrylic portlights, hatches and boat windows.
These four Trizact Abrasive Discs are designed to work as a complete system when used, in sequence, from the coarser 35 microns down to a super-fine polishing disc.
This system will easily take a Corian® or similar surface from dull factory finish to full gloss, with no need for additional buffing or polishing.
Also works well on acrylic windshields, hatches and windows.

• Used for both factory work and aftermarket re-finishing
• Use with a random orbital sander
• Designed to be used damp
• Note: Use of this product on polycarbonate will remove the factory scratch coating, making the surface more susceptible to future scratches, but if the original surface is in need of refinishing, you really have no choice

Note that, because of their extremely specialized nature, these discs are available by special order only.
For a more readily available alternative, you should consider a combination of 360L Film Backed Purple Abrasive Discs (P400 thru P1000) followed by 3M Imperial Compound and Finishing Material 6044; see Related Products, below.

Heavy on the technical side…
Computer designed, 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives are unique among abrasives in being constructed of sharp, precisely shaped, micro-pyramid structures which hold multiple layers of abrasive mineral particles.
These micro-pyramids are precisely and densely distributed, over the surface of the abrasive product, unlike the "sprinkled on" pattern of conventional abrasives.

As the points of these pyramid-like structures wear down, they fracture to expose fresh surfaces with new, sharp mineral — providing consistent performance.
This is in contrast to conventional abrasives, where the original "sharp" points simply wear down, leaving a dull, flat surface that produces uneven finishes.

The result of Trizact engineered construction and grain pattern is a product which:
• Is incredibly consistent in both structure and performance
• Has re-generating sharp edges — for products that last longer, run cooler, and cut faster - over the entire life of the product
• Has found an application niche in consistently producing very fine, finished surfaces
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389796MMM 27489 27489Loading...5" Trizact Hookit Polishing Disc - A5 Micron (Orange) (50)Loading...
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389798MMM 27487 27487Loading...5" Trizact Hookit Polishing Disc - A35 Micron (Green) (50)Loading...
389799MMM 27492 27492Loading...6" Trizact Hookit Polishing Disc - A5 Micron (Orange) (25)Loading...
389800MMM 54616 54616Loading...6" Trizact Hookit Polishing Disc - A35 Micron (Green) (50)Loading...
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