Grade 43 High Test Anchor Chain

Grade 43 High Test Galvanized Anchor Chain

Hot Dip Galvanized | ISO Short Link
By: Acco

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Checking Your Price
Acco High Test chain undergoes a careful 11-step hot dip galvanizing process and meticulous quality control. This results in an exceptional finish with a higher zinc content and superior corrosion protection.

Note that this "short link" G43 chain is made to ISO specifications, and has shorter links than NACM G43 chain.
As with the purchase of any anchor chain, it is always prudent to check fit, or contact windlass manufacturer, before purchasing.

• Working Load Limit (WLL) is approximately twice that of comparably sized BBB or proof coil chain
• Shorter links make this chain well-suited as a windlass chain, since it is less prone to kinking and binding in the chain locker
• Material - carbon steel; embossed "G4+ on each link
• While high test chain is more resistant to wear (abrasion) than BBB or proof coil chain, it is slightly less resistant to corrosion. (The best way to prevent chain corrosion is to rinse it with freshwater and store it dry.)
• All Acco chain batches are proof-tested (twice the working load limit) at the factory to ensure quality

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