9442 Splitter Control Cable RCL

9442 Splitter Control Cable RCL-75 Searchlight Second Station

Splits Searchlight Control Cable Between Two Control Stations

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An accessory for the RCL-75 Searchlight. This cable is used to split the searchlight control cable when a second control station for the searchlight is installed.
The #9442 cable has a round connector at all three terminals to accept the round connector from the searchlight, as well as the round connector ends of each #9426 control cables to each Point Pad.

If you plan to add a second control station for the ACR RCL-75 Searchlight, you will need a splitter cable (#9442), an additional control station cable (#9426) for the second control pad, and possibly a control station extension cable (#9469) if the second station is very far away from the searchlight:
• The control cable that comes out of the searchlight terminates in a round connector which connects to an included 17 ft control station cable harness (#9426) that has a round connector at one end for the light, and a flat connector at the other end for the control pad.
• Disconnect the cables near the light and insert the #9442 splitter cable (which has 3 round connectors), reconnecting the original #9426 Point Pad cable to one leg of the splitter cable.
• Connect the round end of the second #9426 cable to the other leg of the splitter cable, and the flat end to the second Point Pad. If the 17 ft length of the #9426 cable is not long enough, you can connect a #9469 extension cable whidh has flat connectos at both ends - one connects to the flat end of the #9426 cable, and the other end to the Point Pad.

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