8905 Series Precision Sensitive LED Digital Tachometers - Flush Mount

8905 Series Precision Sensitive LED Digital Tachometers - Flush Mount

LED or LCD Digital Accuracy, Four Digit Precision

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Standard model tachometers are used on all 4-stroke outboards, all gasoline engines, as well as diesel engines equipped for mechanical senders (typically Detroit, and older diesels). The Switchable Medium and Switchable High tachometers are field settable and are used on engines equipped for mag-pickup sensors (typically newer engines) which produce output pulses correlated with the number of flywheel teeth. Medium tachometers are designed for 13 to 90 teeth; high tachometers for 91 to 255 teeth. When purchasing a tachometer for an engine with a map-pickup, you do NOT need to know the number of flywheel teeth.
• Guaranteed accurate to one RPM!
• Four large easy-to-read digits; bright half-inch LED digits dim automatically at night
• Set your RPM precisely for the best fuel efficiency
• Synchronize multiple engines effortlessly
• Minimizes vibration with equal distribution of the load for reduced fuel consumption
• Permanently calibrated to provide dependable, repeatable readings for checking RPM-speed curve and maximum RPM at full power - helps detect changes in engine condition
• Backed by a full two-year warranty

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