Dielectric Silicone Compound

Dielectric Silicone Compound

Protects Electrical Connections From Corrosion
By: Ancor

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Dielectric (non-conducting) silicone greases are used to coat and seal around electrical connections - preventing the ingress of moisture, thereby helping to prevent corrosion and failure of the connection.

The fact that the grease is an electrical insulator is not an issue as silicone grease has a low viscosity and is squeezed out of the actual metal-to-metal contact area when the connection is tightened — leaving the remaining grease as an insulating, gap-filling, coating around the contact point(s).
Be aware, however, that silicone grease alone is not an acceptable way to "insulate" an electrical connection. This is typically accomplished by a rubber, vinyl, nylon, heatshrink, etc. cover, sleeve or boot.

• Protects electrical connections from corrosion
• Seals out contaminants, moisture, and air around electrical connections without harming nearby insulators
• Remains in place and effective for a long time
• Only a little bit is needed
• Extends the life of bulb sockets
• Prevents voltage leakage around electrical connections
• Temperature rated -40° - 500°F
• 1/3 oz tube

Silicone grease is ideal for lubricating and preserving rubber components - such as O-rings and spark plug wire boots - as, unlike hydrocarbon-based greases silicone grease will not cause the rubber to swell or soften. Will prevent the common problem of spark plug boots fusing to the spark plug insulator.

Electrical contact arcs have the ability to alter the composition of greases. These sparking arcs can convert silicone grease to silicone carbide, which is highly abrasive. As a result, silicone grease should be avoided in applications where contacts are "hot switched" with any chance of arcing, as the resulting silicone carbide will wear down the contact points.

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