20271 Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Hardwired • For 12 or 24 Volt Systems

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This direct, hardwired Smoke Detector is a photoelectric type that works off the ship's battery.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are ideal for detecting slower-burning, smoldering fires that produce a lot of smoke — and evidence indicates that the majority of all fire-related deaths are actually due to smoke inhalation.
Additionally, photoelectric smoke detectors typically respond faster and with greater reliability than ionization detectors. They are also less likely than ionization detectors to trigger a false alarm from kitchen and bathroom steam.
Photoelectric detectors trigger when smoke particles enter the detector and cause an internal beam of light to be deflected (bounce off the smoke particulartes) toward a light detecting sensor, triggering an alarm.

The 20271 Smoke Detector is a UL, ULC listed detector utilizing state-of-the-art intelligent features. A green and red LED on the detector provides a local indication of the detector's status.
It is ideal for addition to exisiting boat alarm systems, or can stand alone with an audible bell/buzzer alarm or the Aqualarm Smoke Warning Panel (20275).
Can be used with Class A or Class B four-wire control panels, and has an LED indicator light that blinks every 10 seconds when in standby mode.
Works with Emergency Cell Phone Alert.

• Removable base for easy installation
• Built-in test button
• Dual-chamber ionization
• UL listed
• Direct, hard wired

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