20072 Fire Supervisor - 194DegF Fire Detection Sys

#20072 | Model 204A | With Circuit Integrity Monitor

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This fire monitor comes with the #20514 UL Listed 195° Fixed Fire Detector with Rate of Temperature Rise detection.
With a pre-set temperature of 194°F, this detector is most suitable for placement in smaller engine rooms or compartments where you expect heat build-up and higher temperatures within the confined space as part of "normal" operation, and a 135° detector might produce false alarms.

The Fire Supervisor also features a "supervised circuit" function which sounds an intermittant alarm if the detection circuit malfunctions due to a broken wire, corrosion, or tampering — in addition to the normal constant alarm in the event of a fire emergency.

Besides the normal connection for a ship's battery system to power the device, the Fire Supervisor also has an optional auxiliary battery connection for backup power. It automatically switches to an auxiliary battery if the main battery becomes non-functional.

• Loud audible built into the panel rated at 85 dB at 5 ft
• Intermittent sound means a circuit fault
• Constant audible indicates fire emergency
• Red fire condition warning light
• Mute button
• Test button
• Green power ON light
• Includes (1) UL Listed Fire Detector 190°F

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