Auto Shackle Type 3 - Manual Release
Auto Shackle Type 3

Auto Shackle Type 3 - Manual Release

Commercial purse seining | 2,866 lb WLL | Manual release using a spike

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A commercial purse seining release shackle.

The spring can be replaced when it eventually wears due to aging degradation. After taking top screw off from the body using a hex. wrench, the spring can be removed easily for replacement.
After replacing the spring, use threadlocking adhesive such as Loctite when installing a new top screw. (It is recommended to replace the top screw at the same time as the spring.)

The gate can be easily released by inserting a spike in the hole in the main body.

The large 12mm hinge pin is very strong, and the hook tip is newly engineered especially for this shackle.

• Material - SCS24 (SUS630) special stainless steel - selected for its high strength and abrasion/corrosion resistance
• This product is for use in commercial fishing. Do not use it as a hanging hook for cargo handling., as the gate may open unintentionally due to physical shock.
• Spare springs and screws are available (sold separately). Please contact us at 800-426-6930

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