Awl-Brite®Plus Urethane Varnish

AwlBrite Acrylic Urethane Varnish - J3005 Clear Gloss Base Only

3 Part Varnish System Requires Base, Converter & Activator • Exterior or Interior Use
By: Awlgrip

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AwlBrite® Urethane Finish is an acrylic urethane technology which produces a tough, easily repaired brightwork finish.
Its durability in extreme weather conditions and quick dry between coats is endorsed by marine innovators worldwide.

• Quick drying - allows a three coat build-up in one day
• Can be spot-repaired by simply scuffing out a damaged area, building up coats, and buffing
• Base, converter, and activator are all required (the activator initiates the cure process)
• Also available in gallons (only for boat yards)
• On bare wood (only), prime with a coat of AwlSpar Varnish (M3131) before applying AwlBrite Varnish
Note -- ALL Alwgrip paint products and components are sold separately

Note — Both AwlBrite Clear and AwlBrite Semi-Gloss use the same converters and activators. The base used (J3005 Clear or J3630 Semi-Gloss) is the only thing that makes them different.
Converter for both AwlBrites is J3006
Brushing Activator is A0031
Fast Spray Activator is A0001
Slow Spray Activator is A0006

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