Awlwood MA - Primer
Awlwood MA - Primer

Awlwood MA - Primer

Clear, Red-Tinted or Yellow-Tinted for Undercoating Awlwood MA Clear Wood Topcoats
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Awlwood MA is an exterior clear coating system consisting of a Primer and a Clear Topcoat Finish (available in either satin or gloss).
The Primer bonds to the wood, while the Clear overcoat provides a natural look with outstanding multi-season performance.
Awlwood's unique resin technology provides exceptional gloss and depth, while allowing the wood color and grain to shine through.

Allwood MA Primer's Flex-Link™ technology is formulated to deeply penetrate and chemically bond directly to the cellular structure of the wood - even tropical hardwoods - for longer lasting system adhesion, color stability, and delamination resistance at damage points.
The Primer contains high performance colorants that impregnate the wood, mimicking the wood's natural color and tones, but lasting much longer in the face of exposure to UV rays and weathering.
It remains highly flexible as it ages, so it continues to adhere in spite of impacts, substrate expansion and contraction, or natural substrate flexing.

Awlwood MA Primer is available in a choice of clear or red and yellow tints - to better match the natural color of the wood being coated. All of the primers are intermixable. On soft, absorbent woods such as cedar, the colored primer tint strengths can give an overly dark appearance. On these woods, the colored primers are generally mixed 50/50 by volume with the clear primer to reduce the tint strength.
A darker wood tone can be achieved by applying multiple coats of Awlwood Gloss mixed with no more than 10% of one of the colored primers.

Awlwood MA Primer only requires a single coat, although a second coat will help seal the wood grain, resulting in faster grain-filling with the topcoat. Awlwood MA Primer is not designed to fill grain or build film thickness, that is what the Clear Topcoat does.
• Apply Awlwood MA Clear Primer by brush or roller only; apply red and yellow primers by rag (like a stain) or by brush or roller and then remove excess with a rag; do not spray
• Thinner: Awlwood MA Primer does not require thinning
• Theoretical coverage is 400 ft²/gallon (varies with wood and application method); 1 coat recommended; 45% solids (vol.)
• Cleanup: AWL T0200 Awlwood MA Brush Cleaner Looking at a factory prepared sample of these three primers applied to sections of a single piece of wood, and topcoated with the Clear Gloss finish... it is easy to pick out the clear primer sample, but distinguishing between the red-tinted and yellow-tinted primer undercoats is quite difficult. That is, they both look quite similar, with only a subtle difference, imparting a slightly darker, richer look to the wood, with a hint of a tint.
• VOCs: 500gm/liter; 0.494 lb/lb of primer
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