Blue Sea Systems Mini Add A Battery Kit - 65A

Blue Sea Systems Mini Add A Battery Kit - 65A

For Alternators Up to 65A

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This combo pack of a specialized manual battery switch and an Automatic Charging Relay makes for hassle-free boating by ensuring that your engine starting battery is always charged and ready to use.

These two switches work together to keep your engine battery and engine starting circuit and your house battery and house electrical loads completely separated — except when your engine is running and there is charging current available. When the Automatic Charging Relay senses charging current from your alternator, it temporarily and automatically combines all the batteries so they can be charged, and then separates them again when the engine is shut off.
So now you can run your 12 volt toys and appliances without worrying about depleting your starting battery by accident.

All you have to do is turn the battery switch "On" when you get on your boat, and "Off" when you leave — leaving you free to focus on enjoying your time on the water. Simple!!!

• Simplifies battery bank switching and automates charging
m-Series Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch (#6011) isolates engine and house circuits, and but allows combining the batteries for emergency starting
,-Series Automatic Charging Relay (#7601) combines batteries during charging, but keeps them isolated during engine cranking and when not charging
• Cranking rating: 675 amp DC; continuous rating: 300 amp DC
• Supports alternators up to 65 amps, isolates electronics during engine cranking, low voltage protection prevents linking a charged battery with a drained one
• Shares the charge between two batteries more efficiently than a battery isolator
• Ignition protected - safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
• Reinforced polycarbonate
• CE marked, UL listed

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