SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block
Spare Key for M-Series Mini Battery Switch, for #6005 Switch

SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block

10 Circuit Fuse Block

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Solving the problem of boat owners typically having to protect both high (windlass) and low (lights) amperage circuits, the versatile SafetyHub Fuse Block provides a simple solution. It can replace 10 high and low amperage fused circuits in a safe and compact unit.
Plus, the sealed clear front cover provides ignition protection, and it has an integral bus bar!

This single product takes the place of four in-line MIDI/AMI fuse holders, a 6-circuit ATO/ATC fuse block, and a negative bus.
By replacing these separate components with one integrated product, the SafetyHub 150 consolidates fuses into a central location and eliminates vulnerable connecting wires between multiple components.

• Ignition protected — safe for use on gasoline powered boats
• With provision for both MIDI and ATO type fuses, the SafetyHub 150 can protect 10 circuits from 1A - 200A
• Can be used for Main or Branch DC power distribution
• Note — Fuses are not included, and are sold separately

The SafetyHub acts as a power distribution point, with one short run of heavy cable connecting to the battery or battery switch, reducing cost and weight compared to multiple long cable runs to individual fuse blocks.
From the SafetyHub, you can then run low amperage lines to bilge pumps, lights, stereos, as well as high amperage lines to battery chargers, bow thrusters, windlasses, or even a branch DC panel feed.

Depending on your requirements, switches can be installed before or after the SafetyHub 150 to create switched or non-switched (24 hour) circuits.
More than one SafetyHub 150 can be installed to segregate switched, and non-switched circuits (for bilge pumps, fume detection, etc), if desired.

• Ideal for vessels ranging from ski boats to offshore fishing boats
• Four circuits for 30A−200A low cost MIDI®/AMI® fuses — ideal for high-amp circuits including panel feeds, battery chargers, windlasses, and stereo amplifiers
• Six circuits for 1A−20A automotive/blade-style ATO®/ATC® fuses — ideal for circuits including bilge pumps, alarms, horns, cabin lights, navigation lights, and clock memory
• Fuses holders have screw terminations
• Sealed cover protects fuses from the harsh marine environment: IP66 rating — protected against powerful water jets/heavy seas
• Negative bus provides common location for collection of the negative wires from the protected loads
• Circuit identification label with write-on capability
• Included fuse puller easily removes ATO/ATC fuses
• Cover provides storage space for two spare ATO/ATC fuses and two spare MIDI/AMI fuses
• Ignition protected fusing meets ISO 8846, SAE J1171, Coast Guard, and ABYC requirements for installation on gasoline or diesel powered boats
• Note that stated maximum operating amperages are for 4/0 cable, and will vary with the input cable size
• CE marked
• Fuses are not included - sold separately

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