Boomkicker® Boom Support

Boomkicker Boom Support

For Boats 16 to 38 ft. (5 - 11m)

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Boomkickers are a simple, affordable solution to supporting the boom while eliminating the chafe, hang-ups, and adjustments of a topping lift. Combined with a block and tackle vang, the Boomkicker does everything a mechanical vang or rigid vang can do with less cost and less weight.

In light air, the boomkicker will lift the boom to open the leech for a fuller sail shape and more speed. Boomkickers use two coated fiberglass spring rods to provide the force necessary to support the boom and mainsail. The rods are clamped into hardcoat anodized aluminum end pieces and attached to universal mast and boom fittings.

• No topping lift is required when using the Boomkicker
• Self-tending for hands-off operation - install it and forget it
• Reefing is safer and easier due to the boom always being supported while taking in or dropping a reef
• Boomkickers have proven durable and reliable with thousands sold
• Easy installation independent of the vang so there is no need to replace existing hardware
• Mast fitting mounts in the luff groove to eliminate drilling in the mast; masts without luff grooves can attach the mast fitting using bolts
• Non-corroding and silent operation are little features with big paybacks
• Comes complete with Boomkicker, both end fittings, fasteners, drill, tap, and wrench

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