Strombos Air Horns
Strombos Air Horns
The Buell Air Horn
The Buell Air Horn
The Buell Air Horn
The Buell Air Horn

The Buell Air Horn

Formerly Called the Buell-Strombos Air Horn

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When you think of the "classic" sound of a marine horn, this venerable horn is the sound your mind is hearing.
And with a superb, mirror-like heavy chrome finish, these heavily built air horns look as good as they sound.

Produced for over 75 years under the Strombos name, the Buell Air Horn is ideal for any application where authoritative, unmistakable signals must be the norm.
On emergency vehicles, on boats of all kinds, and in industrial plants, these horns deliver the message at an impressive 50-150 psi.

You'll notice right away when you hold it — this horn is heavily built, with a thick bell and featuring an amazing chrome finish.
Buell Air Horns are constructed entirely of brass and bronze with hand-spun bells and a diaphragm of stainless steel.
Their incredible chromed mirror finish is thick and tough, able to resist both saltwater and the daily onslaughts of heavy urban use.

The Buell Air Horn's notes are mid- to high-range: starting at the B (246 Hz) just below middle C, and the D-sharp (311 Hz), G (392 Hz) and high B (493 Hz) above.

Alone, Buel air horns are commanding and powerful, but bracketed in pairs or groups, they become even more striking and compelling.
Using horns of varying lengths creates a sound that combines different frequencies, resulting in an even more assertive signal.

NOTE - Mounting brackets and air compressors for these horns (both required) are sold separately. Read on...
For easy installation of multiple horns, we offer mounting brackets, which are sold separately; see Related Products, below. Additional brackets are available; please inquire at 800-426-6930.

• Horn length determines its pitch
• Incorporates Buell's exclusive "free-floating disc" diaphragm
• Requires an air compressor, which is sold separately; see Related Products, below
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