Imbiber Bead Pillow - Floating Oil Absorber

Imbiber Bead Pillow - Floating Oil Absorber

1.3 Gallon Capacity Per Pillow • Absorbs Contained Spills on Water

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This is the world’s only engineered absorbent polymer for hazardous chemical spills.

Use Imbiber Beads® to absorb hazardous chemical spills on water, after they have been contained by booms, socks, etc.
Imbiber Beads absorb hydrocarbons and change color as they do. They "capture and contain" a broad range of liquid organics including gasoline, diesel and jet fuels, transformer oils, chlorinated solvents and many more hazardous chemicals. Polypropylene, kitty litter and solidification agents move over! Imbiber Beads® simply work better.

Imbiber Beads eliminate "free liquids" and the secondary contamination associated with surface-coating sorbents such as polypropylene and kitty litter.
The elimination of free liquids means up to 99% vapor reduction by the contained waste compared to polypropylene. It is the vapors that support combustion, and the vapors that are toxic when inhaled!

Organic liquids diffuse into the solid matrix of the Beads. The Beads swell and pick up many times their original volume in liquid. They maintain their structure even in excess liquid.
No special permits are required for use, unlike solidification agents.

Imbiber Beads are the only color change indicating absorbent product on the market. They change from white to pink to red as the concentration of organic liquid increases. And they're unaffected by water!!

• The ideal absorbent for use on water - it floats, and will not absorb water
• Captures and contains oil - will not release it once absorbed
• Imbiber beads reduce up to 99% of toxic and combustible vapors compared to polypropylene
• No special permits are required for use, unlike solidification agents
• Unaffected by water
• Pillow size: 14" x 21"
• Each pillow captures and contains up to 1.35 gallons of liquids
• Sold only by the case - 5 blankets per case

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