Dual Flex Marine Engine Mounts

1" Double Stud Dual Flex Engine Mount

9" Mounting Hole Centers • DF-4420 Series • 5600 lb Max

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The "Dual Flex" Marine Engine Mount design provides outstanding vibration isolation control across the three (longitudinal, lateral, and vertical) fields of vibratory motion.

Construction of the mount gives a soft cushioning effect under normal loads, but as mount loads increase across the operating range, shear resistance increases rapidly — providing smooth operation with only a small amount of deflection.

The heavy duty DF-4420 Series features twin independent studs in a double mount, designed principally for diesel engine installations in the 2,800 - 5,600 lb range.
These mounts are generally used on the "heavy (marine transmission) end" of the engine along with DF-4400 Series mounts on the front of the engine
DF-4420 mounts feature heavy duty aluminum alloy construction, with durable oil and fuel resistant elastomer elements.

• Size recommendations are based on engine plus powertrain weight, with four-point mounting
• Be sure to verify that the minimum clearance of 3-3/8" is suitable for your application
• Threaded studs offer vertical adjustment of approximately 1-1/4 inches minus the thickness of the engine foot
• Each threaded stud is equipped with a leveling nut and two hex locking/jam nuts
• Aluminum base cast with 1/2" slotted mounting holes for 1/2" bolts or lag screws
• Constructed with no metal-to-metal contact between supporting and mounting members
• Fail safe design - a bottom pad prevents excessive impact
• All steel parts are zinc dichromate plated for corrosion resistance
• Suggested application charts available on request
• Made in USA

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