Oversize Sheets Bluewater 20 Heavy-Duty Construction Board
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Oversize Sheets Bluewater 20 Heavy-Duty Construction Board

Polyurethane Foam Reinforced with Woven Roving & Continuous Strand Fiberglass

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Bluewater 20 is a light weight, medium-density (20 lb/cu ft), polyurethane foam board reinforced with layers of continuous strand fiberglass, as well as woven roving for extra stifness.
It is a lighter weight, economical alternative to the Bluewater 26 (26 lb/cu ft), yet maintains good stiffness and a high strength-to-weight ratio.
Bluewater 20 can be used as a direct replacement for plywood.
It is typically used in semi-structural applications that are more critical than where the less stiff Nautical Series will suffice.
Bluewater 20 is available in a wide range of thicknesses - which can eliminate the need to laminate sheets in order to achieve your desired thickness.
Other sizes are available; please inquire at 1-800-426-6930.

Please note - these Special Order items require a minimum order of 5 pieces, as they are custom set up and manufactured by Coosa at the time of your oder.

For applications which don't call for the exceptional strength of the Bluewater Series, please see our Nautical Series of Coosa composite boards which omits the woven roving reinforcement, and is similarly available in a choice of two densities.

• Bluewater 20 has a density of 20 pounds per cubic foot
• Extremely low water absorption
• Will not rot
• Dimensionally stable
• A regular sharp carbide blade or bit is all you need to cut or drill Coosa Board
• Attach with screws, staples, or adhesives
• At least 45% lighter than a comparable piece of plywood, but with superior stiffness and strength
• Shipment by truck only; freight charges will be quoted at Checkout
• Color coded: Black

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