roll of Cover Guard Temporary Surface Protection
roll of Cover Guard Temporary Surface Protection
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section  of Cover Guard Temporary Surface Protection

Temporary Surface Protection

Diamond Plate Cover Guard

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A non-adhesive heavy plastic sheeting with a simple molded in traction pattern, Cover Guard is designed to provide temporary protection for all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces and various finishes. It can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect against damage from wear and tear and workmen’s activity. Cover Guard can also be used to wrap or cover all types of equipment, furniture, fittings, and fixtures.

• Excellent protection for all types of surfaces including hardwood floors, stone, tile, terrazzo, paint, glass, bare metal, concrete and many more
• Extremely strong, durable, and tear resistant; resistant to water, and most chemicals and solvents
• Molded "deck plate" pattern provides foot traction characteristics - meets ASTM C 1028-07
• The system is quick, easy and efficient to install and remove. Cutting and shaping the plastic sheeting is very simple - reducing labor time
• Compact rolls are easy to handle, particularly in confined spaces, and they help keep storage space to a minimum
• 10 mil (think very heavy duty trash bag) is used primarily to protect from foot traffic and minor impact, 25 mil (approaching a thin bathtub mat) is used when greater impact resistance is needed
• Use Cover Guard Seam Tape when splicing edges to cover a large area
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443501CVG CG1036DPSR CG1036DPSRLoading...10 Mil Cover Guard, Blue (36" x 100 ft.)Loading...
443500CVG CG1036DP CG1036DPLoading...10 Mil Cover Guard, Blue (36" x 393 ft.)Loading...
1019915CVG CG1336DP CG1336DPLoading...13 Mil Cover Guard, Blue (36" x 360 ft.)Loading...
443502CVG CG2536DP CG2536DPLoading...25 Mil Cover Guard, Blue (36" x 180 ft.)Loading...
1019916CVG CG4036DP CG4036DPLoading...40 Mil Cover Guard, Blue (36" x 120 ft.)Loading...
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