LightStation®  - 4 Hour SnapLight®
 LightStation®  - 4 Hour SnapLight®

LightStation - 4 Hour SnapLight

See and Be Seen In An Emergency
By: Cyalume

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Cyalume® LightStation line provides emergency lighting with 4, 6, 10, or 20, ten inch long SnapLight sticks that last for 4 hours. When the power goes out the photoluminescent label on the LightStation makes it instantly identifiable in the dark. After opening, users can take a SnapLight to light the surrounding area and see their way.

• Models 4, 6, and 10 are made of fire and blast resistant steel. When the front cover is opened all the SnapLights are activated at once, and they can be easily removed for use by the area occupants
• Model 20 is made of strong plastic for use in larger common areas. When opened, a single SnapLight is activated to provide area lighting, leaving the remaining 19 to be activated as needed with a simple bend, snap, and shake
• Can be mounted to the wall near exits, fire extinguishers, on trains and buses, or in rooms and hallways that have little or no emergency lighting
• Sealed with a tamper pin that provides a visual alert of use or tampering
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369348CYA 9-00386 9-00386Loading... LightStation - 4 Hour SnapLight, Model 20 LightStation with RefillLoading...
369356CYA 9-00387 9-00387Loading... LightStation - 4 Hour SnapLight, 10" Light Stick Refill - 1Loading...
369355CYA 9-00376 9-00376Loading... LightStation - 4 Hour SnapLight, 10" Light Stick Refill -12Loading...
369357CYA 9-00354 9-00354Loading... LightStation - 4 Hour SnapLight, Tamper PinLoading...
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