EchoMaster™ - Radar Reflector

EchoMaster - Radar Reflector

142 Sq Ft / 12 Sq Meter Radar Cross Section • Gives Ships a Chance to "See" You in Low Visibility Conditions

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Seen in every marina, the EchoMaster Radar Reflector gives ships a chance to see you in fog and low visibility. This model provides12 square meters of radar cross section. Ranked one of the best radar reflectors, and rated "superior" by SRI Research Labs after the most rigorous tests ever conducted on radar reflectors.

All Echomaster models can be stored flat and assembled in minutes. The plates are made of sturdy, stamped 0.05 in. (1.3 mm) thick aluminum with riveted nylon corner latches for quick assembly or disassembly.
Install around a backstay or make your own hanging bridle as described in the 16-page Radar Reflector Booklet included with Echomaster.

Meets US Coast Guard requirements for lifeboat and liferaft radar reflectors under SOLAS 74/83.

• Simple; easy to assemble, use and demount
• Outperforms much more expensive competitors
• 12-1/2" diameter heavy gauge marine grade aluminum plates provide 13.2 yd² of reflective surface
• Tough injection-molded, captive corner latches assure minimum angle error and provide optional mounting points
• Stows flat; Standard #152 comes with plastic case; Deluxe #153 comes with heavy gauge vinyl stowage case
• Full booklet on radar reflectors and detailed instructions provided
• Standard Model requires user-provided mounting system, or system listed below
• Accessory #156 Hanging Mount System (see below) orients the reflector in the correct position, and includes plastic base, black anodized upright tube, 2 corner blocks and all hardware to attach reflector to unit

Mounting tip...
Preferred mounting orientation is the "catch rain" position (shown in image) which assures 360° detection.

Click here for additional information and the installation manual for this product.

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