Newport Diesel Heater
Newport Diesel Heater

Newport Diesel Heater

16,250 BTU • Bulkhead Mounted • Stainless Steel with Viewing Screen

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The Newport Diesel Heater is a bulkhead mounted stainless steel diesel fireplace that is ideal for boats in the 30 - 35 ft range. It provides excellent, dry, comfortable heat distributed by convection. Heat distribution can be enhanced with a cabin fan for heating larger areas.

A Dickinson diesel heater has many advantages over other heating appliances. It can be run on no power but has an internal 12V fan to provide draft assistance. The heater is equipped with simple but reliable internal components including a gravity feed oil metering valve connected to a vaporizing oil burner where the fuel vaporizes and burns in a beautiful, clean flame which can be viewed through the large viewing screen.
A vaporizing oil burner is designed to transform oil to a vapor state and then burn the vapor. Vaporization is achieved when the oil reaches 465°F. Once the oil is vaporized, it becomes flammable and an efficient and clean combustion results.

NOTE:   Due to the diesel oil being gravity fed, the Newport Diesel Heater must installed facing the bow or the stern of the vessel. This is especially important on sailboats, as on one tack, the valve would otherwise be below the burner, and fuel would cease to flow. (Other Dickinson diesel heaters have additional options for beam mounting, but not the Newport, since the position of the fuel meter valve cannot be altered.)

A hot water coil can be factory installed or added later to enjoy water heating from your Dickinson diesel heater. Hot water coils are available in a 1 turn coil for the Newport Heater to heat approximately 5 to 10 gallons of water.

• Large viewing screen creates maximal aesthetic appeal
• Dimensions: 10-1/2"W x 10-3/4"D x 19-1/2"H
• Flue size: 3"
• Fuel: diesel #2, #1 or kerosene
• Fuel consumption gal/24 hours: 1.29 low/3.20 high
• Heat output: low 6500 BTU, high 16,250 BTU
• Burner: 6" stainless steel
• Available in 12, 24 and 32 volts
• A barometric flue damper (DIK#16-011; sold separately) should be installed in the heater's flue pipe to maintain a strong draft without allowing too much air to enter the heater

This diesel heater includes an integral fuel meter and an attached flue collar to attach the chimney pipe. The chimney pipe, as well as all other parts necessary for the installation, including barometric damper, are sold separately; see Related Products, below. Note - the flue pipe shown in the image is NOT included.

Heavy on the technical side...
This is a natural draft appliance, and it creates its draft like a chimney in a wood stove. The rising heated air in the chimney pulls fresh air into the heater's combustion chamber as it rises up the chimney and exits the flue cap. You must replace the air inside your boat at the same rate that the heater is removing it. The higher the heater’s burning rate, the more air the heater will require.
A permanently open fresh air inlet MUST be installed or dedicated to the heater. This inlet must be at least 3" in diameter. Ducting fresh air to the heater is also an option. As with any open flame appliance, Dickinson recommends installing a CO alarm in the boat.
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