Newport Solid Fuel Heater

Newport Solid Fuel Heater

8,000 BTU • Small Heater Designed for Ocassional Use

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This small, bulkhead mounted solid fuel heater is a reliable, yet beautiful, source of dry heat. The maximum output of this heater is approximately 8,000 BTUs. The heater is designed to heat a small area, or for its aesthetic appeal. It's best use as a heater is on boats in the 20 to 25 ft range.
Combustion options include 1" diameter wood, a handful of charcoal briquettes, peat, coal or a presto log. Over-filling of the combustion chamber can cause damage to the heater.
This solid fuel heater includes a built-in manual damper, removable locking ash drawer, and an attached flue collar to attach the chimney pipe. The chimney pipe, as well as all other parts necessary for the installation, including the barometric damper, are sold separately; see Related Products, below.

• Dimensions: 7-7/8"W x 9"D x 14-3/4"H
• Flue size: 3"
• Fuel: charcoal briquettes, wood, etc.
• Heat output: estimated low 3000 BTU, high 8000 BTU
• A barometric flue damper (DIK#16-011; sold separately) should be installed in the heater's flue pipe to maintain a strong draft without allowing too much air to enter the heater

Heavy on the technical side...
This is a natural draft appliance and it creates its draft pressure like a chimney in a wood stove. The rising heated air in the chimney pulls fresh air into the heater as it rises up the chimney and exits the flue cap. You must replace the air inside your boat at the same rate that the heater is removing it. The higher the heater’s burning rate, the more air the heater will require.
A permanently open fresh air inlet MUST be installed or dedicated to the heater. This inlet must be at least 3" in diameter. Ducting fresh air to the heater is also an option. As with any open flame appliance, Dickinson recommends installing a CO alarm in the boat.

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