Dr LED Magnum MR11 LED Bulb - 10 Watt Equivalent
Dimensions of Dr LED Magnum MR11 LED Bulb - 10 Watt Equivalent

Magnum MR11 LED Bulb - 10 Watt Equivalent

4.0 mm Pin Spacing | Replaces MR11 Reflector Bulbs | Replaces G4 2-Pin Halogen Bulb
By: Dr LED

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Specifically designed to replace most super hot, bi-pin, halogen bulbs used in many reading lights — while using less energy.
This is a directional LED replacement bulb for use in any 4mm bi-pin reading light.
It has an output equivalent to a typical 10W incandescent bulb.

These high-power LED bulbs produce a warm white light and are fabricated from the highest quality components to assure long life and trouble-free functioning.
Their incredibly low 1 Watt power draw makes them the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat or RV.
The high-flux LED and the latest LED technology in these bulbs out-perform cluster LEDs in all respects.
"MR" refers to multifaceted reflector, which produces a softer edge to the area of illumination than a smooth reflector.
MR number refers to bulb face diameter in eighths of an inch. MR11 = 11/8" (1-3/8") Diameter.

• Soothing, warm light; no burns - warm to the touch
• Produces a spot type beam, best for use in directional light fixtures
• 12/24V DC or 12V AC
• No RF noise; gold-plated contacts for corrosion protection
• 10,000+ hour service life, with no filament to burn out or break
• Replaces "standard" G5 and MR16 mini-reflector style halogen bulbs used in reading and overhead lights in boats and RVs
• Runs on 12 volts DC or AC for use in you boat or RV or at home
• Note: check for base clearance when fitting this MR11 to a specific light fixture (see diagram)
• Not recommended for use in fixtures with colored lenses (colored lenses should have colored LEDs)
• In-line regulator (sold separately) allows use with 24 volt systems; use one regulator per fixture

About the Magnum series of directional LED bulbs

Bayonet style Magnum bulbs replace BA style (15mm) incandescent bulbs used in many boats and RVs.
They are available in single contact, and double contact styles - and with either the common BA non-indexed/opposite pins, or the less common BAY indexed/off-set pins.

2-pin style Magnum bulbs with 4mm pin spacing replace the super hot "standard" G4 and MR11 mini-reflector style halogen bulbs commonly used in many boats and RVs. Note: check for base clearance on MR11.
2-pin style Magnum bulbs with 5.3mm pin spacing replace MR16 mini-reflector style halogen bulbs.

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