eCoat PRO Flexible Durable Deck Coating Kit - for Metal, Wood or Concrete
eCoat PRO Flexible Durable Deck Coating Kit - for Metal, Wood or Concrete

eCoat PRO Flexible Durable Deck Coating Kit

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eCoat PRO is a zero VOC, plasticized gypsum deck coating system for steel, aluminum, wood and concrete surfaces. It was developed to protect outside steel decks on ocean-going vessels that are exposed to year-round sea and weather conditions - with minimum cost and maintenance requirements.

Among the alternatives, epoxy coatings tend to be too costly and brittle, polyurethane coatings too time- and labor-consuming, polyester coatings blister too easily, and marine paints simply do not have enough thickness to protect the deck surfaces adequately.

Additionally, all these coatings tend to require replacement or major repair work in just a couple of years. Coating replacements are costly and require substantial time and effort.

eCoat PRO, on the other hand, is a plasticized mineral-based coating with superior adhesion, flexibility and elongation. It does not crack under thermal variation, and holds up to long term commercial wear and tear.
eCoat PRO lasts much longer than typical epoxy coatings and re-polymerizes to itself if it ever requires touch-up coating due to abnormal use — so you can patch or re-coat with ease while the underlying steel deck reamins intact.

eCaot Pro is currently being used by Canada's British Columbia Ferry Service on their passenger vessels (Queen of Surrey, Queen of Oak Bay, and Queen of Capilano) where it has lasted over 15 years without a recoat.

This kit includes three components —
Part A is 41.5 lb of base in a 5 gallon pail.
Part B is 8.5 lb of catalyst in a plastic jug, for a total of 50 lb. When mixed, Parts A and B produce an off-white coating.
Part C is an optional iron oxide coloring additive which adds a gray tone up to a "battleship gray" color if all of Part C is used.
Apply by brush or roller.
Theoretical coverage is 350 sq ft/5 galpail at 20 mil dried thickness. (The coating can be applied at your choice of thickness.)
Dry time is typically about 6 hours, with a full cure in 24 hours.

The dried coating can be painted with inexpensive marine enamels to change the color to whatever you wish.

• Superior adhesion to metal, wood, or concrete substrates
• Will not crack - gypsum base material is specially treated to maintain flexibility throughout its service life
• Costs less
• Lasts longer
• No VOCs
• Self-leveling - for use on horizontal surfaces; will fill cracks and imperfections
• Non-skid additives my be mixed in to the eCoat PRO, or a separate non-skid product can be used as a top-coat
• Less application time
• Not as temperature sensitive
• Fire resistant - classification of “1” or “A” in CAN/ULC S102-M88 standard method of testing with a flame spread value of 15 as a deck coating. (Untreated red oak is 100)
• Flexible - does not crack
• Easily repairable
• Some sound dampening

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