Side Shift Clutch and Throttle Controls for 300 Series "Classic" Pedestals

Side Shift Clutch and Throttle Controls for 300 Series "Classic" Pedestals

816ST • For Size 45/300 Series Classic Pedestals with 6-7/8" Diameter Tops

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Unlike their "Standard" engine controls, the Edson 816ST "Side Shift" Clutch and Throttle Control is designed for transmissions that go into reverse when pulling on the end of the clutch cable at the pedestal. If the opposite occurs, the #870ST should be used.
This engine control is suited for harder-to-shift transmissions.

Only for transmissions that specify 33 Series (Edson #734) Control Cables. The clutch handle is 6" (152mm) long and is easily operated up and down by reaching over the wheel.
The Throttle Handle is polished Stainless and clearly marked for "Fast" and "Slow" speeds.
A Throttle Friction Adjustment Screw and a Clutch Travel Limiter are standard features.

Only for Edson Pedestals #334, 335, 336 and 337 with 6-7/8" diameter tops.

Heavy on the technical side...
How to determine which Edson pedestal you have...

Edson makes two sizes of Classic Pedestals: a 300 Series with a 6-7/8" diameter top (often referred to as a Size 45, since they will hold a compass with a 4" or 5" card), and a 400 Series with an 8" diameter top (often referred to as Size 6, since they will hold compasses with a 6" card).
When ordering pedestal accessories, look for size 45 for 6-7/8" 300 Series Pedestals, and size 6 for 400 Series 8" Pedestals.

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