Transom Hung Rudder Steering System
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Transom Hung Rudder Steering System

Ideal for Boats with Transom Hung Rudders up to 27 Feet

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This system provides a versatile design for wheel steering on many boats up to 27 ft (8.3 m) with transom hung rudders.
The system features Edson's unique Transom Conduit Bracket which anchors two sections of wire conduit, incorporates the rudder stops, and mounts directly to the boat's transom as a single unit.
Flexible steering cable conduits lead from the pedestal to the port and starboard sides of the bracket at the transom.
Turning the steering wheel pulls the appropriate cable attached to the supplied tiller arm, which is attached to the rudder.
Approximately 1 turn hard over-to-hard over through 72° of rudder travel.
The system includes Edson's #335 Classic Pedestal Steerer, so it can accept Edson's full line of accessories such as Engine controls, Wheel Brakes, Tables, and Drink holders.
This system includes virtually everything you need. To complete the system, simply add your choice of steering wheel and accessories.
Heavy on the technical side...
The complete system includes:
• (1) #335-5-211 Pedestal with wheel nut
• (1) #775-2S15B11 Chain and wire rope assembly
• (1) #868-2 Internal conduit bracket
• (1) #960-6-211 Tiller arm assembly
• (2) #797-7 Pull-pull conduit assembly
• (4) #646-4HEX Pedestal mounting bolts
• (1) #960-A-1156 Tiller arm backing plate
• (2) #618-1-312 Take-up Eyes
• (4) #Wire rope clamps
• (1) #960-B-465 Rudder stop plate
• (1) #960-A-2087 Take-up eye pivot pin
• (1) #813FRP-2.5 Fiberglass notched pedestal riser
• (1) #960-B-831 Transom bracket conduit assembly
• (1) #960-B-444 Transom face plate
• (1) #960-B-446 Transom boot

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