Wire Rope Sheaves
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Wire Rope Sheaves

Series 624 • Aluminum or Bronze • Available in 3" to 12"

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In addition to their use in chain and wire steering systems, Edson sheaves are used in many other boat building applications — centerboards, custom deck hardware, remote actuators for emergency shut-off valves, CO₂, etc.

Care should be taken to ensure that the wire and sheave diameter are matched.
ABYC and CE standards require sheave diameters to be a minimum of 16 times the diameter of the wire.
However, for optimum performance, use the largest sheave practical to prevent wire jump-out and to reduce friction.

Aluminum sheaves are ideal for applications which require light weight and sensitivity - such as performance and racing boats.
Bronze sheaves are suggested for heavy duty or long-term cruising applications.
Sheave hubs are wider than the rims to prevent side friction and noise.
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