EFOY Comfort M10 Fuel Cell Cartridge
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EFOY Comfort M10 Fuel Cell Cartridge

2.64 Gallon cartridge | 11.1 kWh / 925 Ah

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Efoy fuel cartridges contain methanol fuel - a very dense form of chemical energy. They may not weight much but they are packed with energy. An M10 fuel cartridge weights only 19 pounds but contains enough fuel to produce 11.1 kilowatt hours of energy - allowing you to remain away from a power supply for weeks at a time!

EFOY fuel cartridges are a safety-tested fuel system that was specially developed for EFOY fuel cells. EFOY fuel cartridges can be changed in seconds. It is a simple and clean process.

With a single M10 fuel cartridge you can use your notebook to plan 1,000 outings, you can enjoy 700 cups of coffee from your automatic coffee maker, you can transmit 550 hours of radio messages from your boat or you can eat 800 slices of fresh toast ... and all this fully independent of a mains electrical supply. Enjoy the freedom.

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