Guide Rail Connector

Guide Rail Connector

Limitless Cutting
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Use these connectors to link any number of guide rails for accurate, limitless straight line cutting. The connectors fit into the pair of T-slots integrated into each guide rail section to produce a secure coupling. Guide Rail Connectors can also be used to connect the Festool MFS templates.

Note — These connectors are sold by the each, but you need two of them (one for each T-slot) to make a secure connection.

• Connect a limitless number of guide rails for long cuts using pairs of Festool Guide Rail Connectors
• Steel bars with 4 set screws secure connectors, ensuring straight cuts
• Set screws have slotted heads to prevent over-tightening and damaging the rail

Tech Tip — How to Use Guide Rail Connectors
Guide Rails have precision straight long edges. However, the short edges are not precision cut. This means that joining two guide rails using connectors by simply butting them end-to-end and tightening the connector set screws may not produce a joined rail with a straight edge.

To avoid this, insert the guide rail connectors into the two T-slots in both rail pieces, bring the pieces together, and gently snug the set screws so they still allow for some movement of the guide rails.
Lay a long straight edge against the two joined guide rails (use a long bubble level or a third section of guide rail) spanning the joint, and make sure the joined guide rails align to this straight edge.
Then, tighten the set srews in the connectors, making sure the two sections of guide rail remain aligned to the straight edge. You'll find that while at least one point of the joined guide rails remain touching, there may be a very slight gap at the other side of the joint.
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