GA Series Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems Accessories - HFC-227ea

GA Series Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems Accessories - HFC-227ea

Components for Total Engine Room Flooding Fire Extinguishing System
By: Fireboy

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Fireboy has designed the GA Series for OEM installations and custom aftermarket installations by certified installers. Each system requires twin extinguisher tanks with temperature sensors, flexible braided stainless steel hosing with two overhead temperature sensors, a fire resistant manual release cables, and engine shutdown controls. The four temperature sensors monitor engine room temperature 24 hours a day. If the engine room temperature reaches 175°F (79°C) at any of the 4 sensors, both cylinders discharge within a second of each other, flooding the entire compartment with HFC-227ea clean extinguishing agent, ensuring complete coverage.
• Required system components, each sold separately:
• GA Extinguisher Cylinders (2 required), with temperature sensors and discharge manifold, are DOT and FM approved, and are powder coated red for identification and corrosion protection
• Manual Discharge Cable is required and can be installed at the helm station or engine room exit door; for USCG inspected vessels, the MDC must be at the helm. An additional manual discharge cable may be installed at a second helm station and requires the use of an HT Dual Release Adapter. For a selection of these cables, see the High Temperature Manual Discharge Cable entry, below
• Note: Due to their precision design, THESE SYSTEMS ARE SOLD TO AUTHORIZED INSTALLERS ONLY. Please contact Fisheries Supply for a list of certified installers, or information on how to become one
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