MRX Dyneema Mini-Reels

MRX Dyneema Mini-Reels

100% Dyneema® SK78 with Innovative S.Y.I.S. Impregnation • 12-Strand Single Braid Construction

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Identical to Ocean 3000 XG, but on a smaller 82 ft spool, this rope is made of pure Dyneema SK78 and treated with FSE Robline's S.Y.I.S. coating technology.
• Dyneema SK78 has the same high strength of SK75, but with lower creep (non-recoverable stretch).

Ocean 3000 XG's high breaking strength, low weight, and S.Y.I.S. resistance to UV deterioration and abrasion, make it a perfect fit on any race boat.
It is ideal for any lashing application and popular for leach line, flag halyard, and other applications where small diameter, high strength line is required.

• Perfect for applications where light weight, high strength and low stretch are critical
• 12-plait Dyneema SK78 line
• Treated with the unique S.Y.I.S. lightweight polyurethane impregnation system for high abrasion resistance and UV protection
• Spliceable with small wire

Heavy on the technical side...

Dynema® is the Dutch company DSM Dyneema's brand of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene fiber), a long chain, high strength, oriented strand, synthetic fiber with very high strength as well as high abrasion resistance.
This fiber is also known as HMPE (High Modulus PolyEthylene).
Dyneema is available in a number of formulations, SK-60, SK-75, SK-78, SK-90, etc. Each progressively stronger and more expensive.

Honeywell International produces a similar UHMWPE fiber, marketed as Spectra®

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