Brake Winch - Manual

Brake Winch - Manual, 1500 lbs. (5.1:1)

A Versatile Winch With the Safety of Positive Holding Action

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Fulton brand K-Series brake winches have a friction brake which automatically applies a constant, positive holding action to prevent a runaway load. The brake is fully automatic and the load remains in position any time the handle is released. The load is ratcheted up by turning the handle in one direction. Turning the handle in the opposite direction releases the ratchet and engages a friction brake which lets you crank the load down. Unlike other manufacturers, no minimum line load is required to activate the brake or pay out cable from the winch.

Brake winches should be used in place of pulling winches in applications where a danger would be created if the winch load were allowed to freewheel. In addition to their use as a trailer winch, brake winches are suitable for many lifting and lowering applications such as raising boats on davits or raising and lowering sailboat keels.

• Drum hubs are 10 times the recommended cable size to maximize cable life
• These winches cannot freewheel
• Zinc-plated, stamped carbon steel frames provide rigidity for gear alignment and longer life
• Meet ASAE S361:3 standards
• Cable sizes are maximum
• Max. pull is for first layer on drum; at full drum pull is approx. one half of max.
• Cables are sold separately
• These winches should not be used for lifting, supporting or transporting people, or for loads over areas where people could be present
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