Gaco Gated Safety Oarlock

Gaco Gated Safety Oarlock

Innovative Design Keeps Oars Captive • Silent Operation and Saves Wear On Your Oars

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The unique Gaco oarlock stands apart from other oarlocks in several important ways.
They have an innovative swivel design that eliminates wear on both the oar and gunwale - so your oars will last longer.
The Gaco oarlock has an oval shape with a beveled surface. This allows the oar to sit at the best angle to achieve the most efficient rowing stroke. The oval shape allows the oar to move up and down more freely during the recovery stroke than a regular oarlock.
The engineered composite materials and freedom of motion make for easier, virtually silent rowing.

The strong coploymer plastic head of the Gaco oarlock rotates around its 316 stainless steel pin, which remains stationary in the gunwale. This eliminates wear in the socket, and is almost friction-free — making it much easier to row.
By contrast, with conventional oarlocks the metal pin rotates in the metal socket, wearing it into an oval shape, and producing that familiar and annoying clunk/slap noise when rowing.

• Fits oars up to 2-1/4" loom diameter — virtually all dinghy, rowboat, and tender oars
• Easy to install, even with oar collars already in place — it just snaps onto the oar loom
• Pin does not rotate in the socket like standard oarlocks eliminating friction, wear, AND "slop"
• Made of hardened 316 SS and a durable coploymer which, together, create a low friction bearing that will not corrode or wear
• Will not mar the surface of your oars
• Strong and lightweight
• Silent operation
• UV resistant
• Hole at bottom of oarlock pin for optional retaining pin
• Socket has a 3/8" internal diameter and a 5/8" outside diameter
• Lifetime warranty

Oar 1 contains two oarlocks, two adapter sleeves for existing 1/2" sockets, and instructions
Oar 2 contains two oarlocks, four top mount sockets for new or retrofit installations (requires 5/8"/16mm mounting hole), and instructions
• Additional sizes of adapter sleeves for existing oarlock sockets are available by request; call us at 800-426-6930

Heavy on the technical side...

Gaco oarlocks are now made out of a new plastic copolymer, as opposed to the original polypropylene.
The old polypropylene is plasticised with dioctyl phthallate, which makes it more flexible, but adds nothing to the strength.
The new copolymer is a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene and is much tougher. Even after 3 hours in a deep freezer, the catch opens easily and the gate can be opened more than necessary.

The included socket in Oar 2 has a 10 mm internal diameter and a 5/8 (16mm) outside diameter, and should fit most existing socket holes. For new installations, drill a 5/8 hole in the gunwale, insert the socket, and secure with # x 3/4"(20mm) screws.
For high sided boats the rowlocks will work more efficiently if they are angled outwards.
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Reviewed by3customer 
Gaco Oarlocks stay in postion., August 22, 2016
We've hit some pretty rough seas and wind over tide situations along the NE corner and northern coasts of Ireland and the rowlocks are absolutely brilliant and a great comfort from the fact that they always stay in position.
By Gerard Crowley from Bray, Ireland
Smooth and Quiet,.Strong and Lightweight., August 21, 2016
These oarlocks don't rock, and that is a great thing. No more screeching, groaning, or creaking. No more friction between the sockets and the pins. Rowing is now a smooth and quiet event. Sneaking up on fish, getting through a harbor at night, or managing a heavy load without concern are just some of the advantages. The design is excellent, the materials strong and lightweight, and should be UV and corrosion resistant for years. Best of all, the inventor, John Murray of New South Wales, provides fast customer assistance to most places around the world. I needed slightly larger pin sleeves to fit worn out sockets and John sent them immediately. As a lifelong boater I will demonstrate and recommend these oarlocks to my boater buddies and that is saying something.
By Dave Anderson from Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin, USA
Smooth and Quiet, August 10, 2016
I bought a pair of these to mount on an aluminum fishing boat and they are quiet and smooth in operation. The sleeves on the pins were a bit small for my out of round sockets, and John Murray, the inventor, was happy to send me larger ones all the way from New South Wales. Great service and a kindred spirit. The only advice I can provide is to use the oar locks with large diameter oars that have large sleeves as well. This makes for happy rowing. Good on ya, John.
By Dave Anderson from Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin, USA
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