19x HVS GPS Receiver/Antenna
19x HVS GPS Antenna

19x HVS GPS Receiver/Antenna

Highly Accurate 32 Channel GPS Receiver/Antenna
By: Garmin

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The highly accurate GPS 19x HVS position receiver/antenna provides up to 10 Hz update rates for position, velocity and time data. The ultra-fast 10 Hz refresh rate allows faster, more accurate fixes in challenging conditions.
The GPS 19x offers high-sensitivity reception and enhanced position acquisition to Garmin's marine multifunctional displays (MFDs), instrument display and autopilots.

Precise Location Data
This 32-channel receiver is capable of tracking multiple global navigation satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo* and QZSS*. Because more satellites are visible, it can provide more accurate fixes in challenging conditions.
With its enhanced position, heading and speed accuracy delivered up to 10 times more often than other receivers/antennas, it provides smoother drawing of your position on the chartplotter/MFD at higher speeds. WAAS-capable, it can determine your precise location to within 3 m (9.84 ft).

Observable Advantages
Compared to devices with slower update rates, GPS 19x offers dramatic improvement when used at low speeds. Position and course information from slower devices can jitter and swing considerably at speeds below 1 mph. The GPS 19x provides a consistent and smooth heading which is especially important when trying to hit a specific waypoint or mark.

The GPS 19x also reflects the true boat heading smoothly and accurately. This is especially evident when coming out of turns. And, GPS 19x eliminates position skipping that can occur at low speeds and when turning the boat in an arc. GPS 19x maintains a smooth position throughout the turn†.

Built for Versatility
GPS 19x HVS is built to withstand the elements. This waterproof (IPX7) sensor can be pole mounted or flush mounted. It also can be attached to the underside of many fiberglass decks for added ease of installation. It can also be configured to have 1 Hz or 5 Hz update rates to help support specific installation requirements.

What's in the box —
• GPS 19x HVS
• Pole mount
• Surface mount
• Under deck mount
• Power/data cable
• Update rate select cable
• Documentation

* Supported when service is available. May require a software update.
† GPSMAP 6000 series, 7000 series and newer chartplotters have been optimized to fully use the 10 Hz information from the GPS 19x.

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