Electronic Engine Control Cables - 11600-02 Series

Assorted Cable Lengths

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Glendinning electronic engine control components are connected to each other and to the engines via various series of cables with factory installed plugs at each end. Simply choose the lengths you need to suit your installation, and just plug them in. Easy!

These 11600-02 series cables are used to link multiple/additional station Control Heads to each other (they are connected in "series").
They are also used to connect the first control head to the Control Processor box (for engines with electronic controls), or to the Smart Actuator box (for engines with mechanical controls). These boxes are typically located in the engine room.

• CANbus Technology with factory terminated cables - simplifies wiring and allows adding additional control stations with greater flexibility
• Note: All components have ports to connect additional components at either end of the "chain" of components in the system.
Each complete engine control system will require a terminating resistor (#11600-TRF) to be plugged into the empty port at each end of the chain of components.
Generally, this means one in the remaining empty port in the last/furthest Control Station, and one in the remaining empty port in the Control Processor box.

Complete series of cables required for an engine with electronic controls are:
• 11600-02 series - connects station Control Heads to each other and to the Control Processor box
• 11601-01 series - used to connect the Control Processor box to DC power
• 11602 series - for start interlock
• 11603 series - for the system enable (on/off) switch
• 11604 series - for engine gear
• 11605 series - for engine throttle control
• 11607 series - for backup system enable
• 11608 series - for backup system station
• 11609 series - for backup system control interconnect
• Trim control harness

An electronic engine control installation for an engine with traditional mechanical controls will utilize a Smart Actuator box for each engine, and 11600-02 cables to connect the Control Heads, as well as a cables for other functions.

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