24" OceanChef XL 5-Burner Extra Large Marine Gas Stoves
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24" OceanChef XL 5-Burner Extra Large Marine Gas Stoves

Glass or Solid Door • Standard or Multi-Directional Gimbal • Huge GN1/1 Full Size Oven w/Grill

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The OceanChef XL brings 5-burner versatility and convenience to gourmet chefs as well as cooking enthusiasts on large yachts, typically over 50 ft.

Whether you are preparing a meal for a hungry racing crew or an exquisite feast for guests, the OceanChef XLwill meet the challenge. The yacht’s cook can now enjoy the benefits of a versatile, superbly controllable cooktop, oven and grill, in a cooking appliance which delivers first class results every time.

Preparing and cooking a meal aboard a yacht requires organization and planning. Baking dishes and pans don't always fit properly in the smaller marine ovens and sinks. Plus, they can slide around on sloping worktops — all-in-all making food preparation and cooking onboard a chore rather than a pleasure.

GN Espace has created fully integrated galley systems to solve these problems.
Their stoves, ovens, and multi-functional sinks all come with built-in fiddles, ensuring that everything stays exactly where you need it.
The ovens and sinks are been designed to hold standardized "Gastronorm" professional catering cookware — which forms the building blocks of their integrated systems.
Each pan or dish takes up a particular amount of space — all, or a fraction, of an oven shelf or one of the tiered sink levels. So you always know in advance that, for example, these two pans will fit exactly side-by-side in the oven, or that this pan will be held securely on the middle or top level of the sink, depending on how you orient it.

GN Espace Stove and Sink Galley Systems save space and increase safety while adding convenience, organization, and fun to meal preparation — even within the tight confines of a yacht's constantly moving galley.

The OceanChef XL Stove —
Slightly smaller than a domestic stove, clever design allows the OceanChef XL marine stove to cope with surprisingly large and complex meals for a hungry crew. With the versatile, controllable cooktop, oven, and grill, one can deliver first class cooking results every time, and with a minimum of fuss.

The oven allows for multi-level cooking and is thermostatically controlled — so you can cook anything from roast beef to meringues, or even bake fresh bread, with confidence.

Cruisers, as well as recreational boaters, will appreciate that from its quick-to-heat, ultra-high efficiency burners to its fully insulated ovens, every feature of the OceanChef stove is designed toward making your supply of propane fuel last as long as possible.

The OceanChef XL stove only comes as a 5 burner model with a choice of solid or glass oven doors, and standard or multi-directional gimbal (explained in more detail below). It has a sturdy sea rail that detaches to allow you to create plenty of space for extra-large pans.

The OceanChef XL's extra large Gastronorm "GN1/1" * size oven shelves will accommodate a selection of GN Espace custom-fitting Gastronorm pans, but it can also be used with other cookware.
See Accessory Products, below, for the selection of Gastronrom cookware that can be used in the OceanChef oven.

Be sure to read the important information at the end of this entry about how to connect your GN Espace stove.

OceanChef XL Features —
• Ideal for either a new galley or for simply replacing an existing stove
• Can be used with or without the Gastronrom modular cookware
• New generation high efficiency burners feature fast heat-up and use 30% less gas than traditional designs while producing the same heat - critical for long passages, extended cruising, and weekend cruising where every moment for relaxation counts
• Burners have an extended turndown range for the lowest of flames for simmering without going out
• Full width overhead oven grill burner for remarkably even grilling of steak, fish, or toast
• Thermostatically controlled, fully insulated oven
• Secured, stainless steel range-top pot support cooking surface
• Three shelf brackets - for multi-level cooking (top bracket for grilling only)
• Anti-tip, sliding oven shelf frames designed to securely hold GN Gastronorm cookware
• Sturdy, removable, four-sided sea-rail and adjustable pot holders (includes one set per burner)
• Solid door or glass door options
• Standard (one direction) gimbal or multi-direction gimbal options; see below
• Oven door lock for when underway
• "Harbor Lock" secures the gimbal mechanism when cooking at the dock
• Easily cleaned stainless steel oven interior with no dirt traps and self-cleaning grill
• Suitable for use with either propane or butane fuels with the appropriate regulator installed
• Gas safety thermocouple for top, grill, and oven burners
• Push button ignition (battery powered 1.5V)
• Marine grade 304 stainless steel construction
• Hand-built in Great Britain, UK
• CE approved

OceanChef XL includes these fittings and GN1/1 size (∼20" Wide x 12-3/4" Deep ) oven accessories —
(2) Heavy wire oven-frames to hold GN (Gastronorm) cookware, trays, or wire shelves
(1) GN1/1 size wire shelf - which hangs in one of the oven frames
(1) GN1/1 size metal pan - which hangs in one of the oven frames
(1) GN1/1 size wire trivet - which sits in the metal pan to support items being grilled or toasted
(4) Cooktop sea rails
(10) Cooktop pot holders (5 sets)
(2) Gimbal pivot brackets to mount on owner-supplied mounting blocks
(1) Harbor lock (wall) bracket
Also, grill deflector, stove counterweight, ignitor battery, and instruction book

* About those fractions —
"Gastronorm" ("Hotel Pan" in North America) cookware are size-standardized rectangular stainless steel or ceramic pans used to cook, store and serve food in the catering industry. They are specifically designed to fit in standardized steam tables, racks, and chafers.
The emphasis is on standard size — which is 530 x 325 mm (20-3/4" x 12-3/4") for the GN1/1 size. Therefore, a GN1/2 pan would be 10-3/8" x 12-3/4", and a GN1/4 pan would be 10-3/8" x 6-3/8", etc.
A GN1/2 pan takes up exactly twice the space of a GN1/4 pan.
A GN1/1 pan takes up the same space as three GN1/3 pans, etc.
GN Espace sizes their sinks and oven racks specifically hold Gastronorm standardized pans.

OceanChef XL Dimensions & Specs —
• Burners: Cooktop - 10,250 BTU (x1), 5125 BTU (x3), 3750 BTU (x1), Oven - 5125 BTU (x1); Grill - 6830 BTU (x1)
• Overall stove dimensions (for fitting through your companionway or hatch): 25.9"W x 19.3"H x 21.8"D (65.8cm x 49.1cm x 55.3cm)
• GN1/1 oven shelf dimensions: 20" Wide x 12-3/4" Deep (53cm x 32.5cm)
• Sample weight - 68 lb (31 kg); 75 lb (34 kg) with included accessories

Additional Features —
Multi-Direction Gimbal System - The option to upgrade to GN Espace's unigue MDG (Multi-Direction Gimbal) system ensures that the stove stays level in a wide range of sea conditions. This innovative gimbal not only accounts for the traditional port/starboard rolling motion, but also for bow/stern pitching in larger seas.
The MDG system is also width adjustable (4.5" range), making stoves with this option perfect for retrofitting into a wide range of galleys.
See Related Products, below, for models with this feature.
Multi-Level Cooking - The flush fitting grill gives you extra height in the oven and allows you to cook on more than one level at once. The cookware is held safely in place by the wire oven frames which also have safety stops to avoid hot food accidentally sliding out of the oven when the door is opened.
Safety Onboard - Safety is a key design consideration in GN Espace stoves. They surpass the stringent CE approval requirements for both User and Gas safety. Sturdy sea rails and pan clamps stop pans from sliding on the range top. The pan support and all range burner caps are held securely in place. A single-handed operation door lock keeps the oven door securely closed.
To avoid the danger of hot food sliding out of the oven when you open the door, oven shelves have safety stops. The shelf runners have a positive pull-out end stop, as well as having integral fiddles, irrespective of whether you use the wire shelf or GN Espace's Gastronorm containers.
In addition, the stove is secured by means of a solid "harbor lock" and rollover-proof gimbal mounts.
Athwartship Mounting - While GN Espace stoves are designed for the most common fore-aft installation, they also have a custom option for full athwartship installation - which opens up a wealth of new galley layout options. Enquire at 800-426-6930 for more information about athwartship mounting.
Other Mounting Options - Although designed with gimbals, GN Espace stoves are suitable for a fixed installation on boats, and also in recreational vehicles.

Questions? For the answers to commonly asked questions about the OceanChef XL stove, these FAQs provide additional information.
For more detailed information about the OceanChef XL Stove, this illustrated Owner's Manual will answer all your questions.
And this convenient color brochure provides information about the OceanChef XL Accessories shown in the links below.

For an overview of the entire GN Espace integrated galley product line - showing how all their sinks and stoves and modular galley cookware work together as an integrated systems, this beautifully illustrated brochure will pique your interest as well as provide inspiration.

Connecting your stove —
The propane connection on GN Espace stoves is a female 1/2" British Standard Pipe Tapered (BSPT) fitting.
To connect the stove to North American propane systems requires two adapters:
An ACB 28863 adapter to go from 1/2" British Tapered thread to 1/2" NPT tapered thread, and...
An ACC 10265 adapter to go from 1/2" NPT to 3/8" Flare - which will connect to your propane hose fitting.

We highly recommend properly sealing the threaded connections to the stove and adapters using yellow Gas Seal Tape.
Note, however, that sealing tapes should never be used on flare fittings — the final connection to your propane hose.

Both these adapters and the tape are shown below as Accessory Products.

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