Gastronorm Sink A Kit - Sink, Cut Board & Colander
 Galley Sink A Kit - Large Sink with Cutting Board & Colander/Drain Pan

Gastronorm Sink A Kit - Sink, Cut Board & Colander

Multi-Functional Sink | Includes Cutting Board | Includes Colander/Drain Pan

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This Sink "Kit" is the Gastronorm Galley Sink A with two popular accessories included, as a set.

GN Espace's Gastronorm range of sinks has successfully adapted a proven formula from professional catering to the tight confines of a ship's galley to create a multifunction food preparation and washing-up area.

The sinks perfectly complement their range of Gastronorm-based marine stoves by creating galleys with superior functionality in the confined space of a marine galley and a significantly safer place for preparing and cooking food while at sea.

Not only do GN Espace's modular cooking and serving pans fit perfectly in the sink to extend their functionality - they securely hold cooked food in preparation for serving, securely hold cutting boards, collanders, and pans during food preparation, and of course, help segregate washing tasks when it's time to clean up.

Working on three levels with the Gastronorm containers, the "Sink A" saves space, adds convenience, and leaves the galley clean and tidy.

As well as being a highly practical workspace for washing, preparing and cutting food, this multifunction sink is also ideal for holding hot Gastronorm ovenware safely in place after you have removed it from the oven - perfect for carving or serving.
The perforated container is an ideal colander for draining boiling water, from pasta for example, helping to make the galley a safer space.

All of GN Espace's multifunctional sinks are fully compatible with the wide range of Gastronorm containers – especially the GN 2/3, GN 1/2, and GN 1/3 sizes*.
See Accessory Products, below, for the selection of Gastronrom cookware that can be used in the OceanChef oven.
The Sink A has three working levels — the upper rim level, a mid-level shelf and, of course, the traditional bottom of the sink, itself.
Depending on their orientation the GN1/3 and GN2/3 size pans, collander and cutting board can be placed on either the upper rim or the mid-level shelf.

* About those fractions —
Gastronorm (Hotel Pan in North America) cookware are size-standardized rectangular stainless steel or ceramic pans used to cook, store and serve food in the catering industry. They are specifically designed to fit in standardized steam tables, racks, and chafers.
The emphasis is on standard size — which is 530 x 325 mm (20-3/4" x 12-3/4") for the GN1/1 size. Therefore, a GN1/2 pan would be 10-3/8" x 12-3/4", and a GN1/4 pan would be 10-3/8" x 6-3/8", etc.
A GN1/2 pan takes up exactly twice the space of a GN1/4 pan.
A GN1/1 pan takes up the same space as three GN1/3 pans, etc.
GN Espace sizes their sinks and oven racks to specifically hold pans of these sizes.

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