Safety Seacock Engine Flush Kits  -  SSC Series

Safety Seacock Engine Flush Kits - SSC Series

Easy Access Emergency & Engine Maintenance Port
By: Groco

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Add an SSC Flush Kit to the outflow side of your engine's raw water seacock to allow instant emergency bilge pumping, or to simplify winterization and cooling system flushing.
The SSC contains an O-ring sealed side port with a removable twist-lock plug held in place by two dogs on the side of the plug.

• In a flooding emergency, while the engine is running, close the seacock and remove the quick release plug. Excess bilge water can then be sucked in and pumped overboard by the engine raw water intake pump

• For winterization, close the seacock, remove the quick release plug and insert the service adaptor (included) to attach a length of garden hose

• For cooling system flushing, close the seacock and insert the service adaptor. Dockside water can be used to flush the cooling system with the engine running at idle speed

• Bronze full-flow valve is UL listed
• Designed so an open valve handle prevents accidental removal of the quick-release plug

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